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Wedding and Reception

STANDARD PACKAGE    25-75 attendance

  • Standard wedding with timeline. We will be responsible to work  with the Bride and Groom with picking out music and helping them with suggestions to make the reception go at a smooth pace. Talk with couple to finalize the information, and music and any added details.
  • One set of speakers, 1 wireless mic, 1 wired mic, MC, a timeline supplied, one basic light option and 3 hour reception time.  $495.00 - $900.00.
  • Add on options and additions available.

CUSTOM PACKAGE   75-150 attendance

  • Working with Bride and Groom with time line, all music, specialty music, suggestions on making the wedding reception smooth running and corriodinating the wedding reception process.      
  • The music system will consist of 2 mid size speakers, 1 wireless mic, 1 wired mic, timeline, support assistance, extra 4 par lighting system, all music, couple support and 4  hour play time.
  • $900.00 - $1300.00.


  • The Elite package is for the larger more detailed reception.
  • We will meet with the Bride and Groom  either in person,  email or by phone to structure the all the working of the wedding/reception time lines, pick out music, meet at the event site to coordinate the event and work with Bride and Groom in locations of dance floor, 1st. table, DJ booth, entry location for the Wedding party, cake location and other parts of the      reception that needs to be organized. The music system will consist of 2 to 4 speakers, 1 wireless mic, 1 wired mic, 4 par lighting system that responds to the music, complete assistance with music, timeline assistance, music blending, MC service, coordinator on site to assist with procedures.
  • This package is for the discriminating Bride. A Bride that wants certain music, blending of that music, custom DJ booth, extra lighting, total support in procedures, ideas, games incorporated in reception with add-ons.
  • Priced between $1500-2500.00 depending upon services rendered.

Wedding Music and Sound for Your Wedding

  • If you need music for your wedding, we can supply the music for it. We will help pick out the music you are wanting for the Prelude, Processional, Bride Entrance, Interlude, Recessional and Postlude songs. Wireless mic and or lapel mic will be supplied and speakers will be placed in the wedding area. $150.00 depending upon location. The PA system will be wireless so there will be no sound of a generator or 300’ of extension cord strung out somewhere.
  • All quality equipment is used.

Specialty Lightning Package

  • Uplighting lighting - wireless uplighting service which makes the event Location and sets the feeling of the whole reception. Warms and softens the room in the color to match your décor. Turn a cold room into a warm, romantic color coordinated beautiful atmosphere. 1 doz. Lights $495.00


  • Monograham lighting - Have your names, initials, date shown on the dance floor, wall or ceiling, revolving or stationary in different colors to reflect  your settings. $125.00.

  • 4 Par lighting - 4 multi color lights that will respond to the music, flashing, strobing, solid, blinking, flashing, lighting up the dance floor and adds  excitement to the event. $75.00


  • Live Texting - Have a large 5’ monitor in the front of the room and all your friends at the reception can text you and the text will come up within seconds in view to all. Do you have people that can’t make the reception, now they can send you a text during the reception giving you their good luck wishes. $395.00 including service.


  • Dancing on the Clouds - On your first dance you go out and start dancing and all of a sudden a cloud of pure white smoke rolls on the dance floor. The clouds go about knee height and you look like you are dancing on clouds. Will not set off smoke detectors, leave after effects or smell. $375.00


  • Photo Booth - Spice up your event with a photo booth. Your guests will have so much fun and they will have their pictures that they can take with them to remember your event. Great for young and old. Do you want your guest to laugh, have fun, create energy at your event. Our booth is a open air style which will induce more emergency and fun for all that are having their pictures taken all everyone around the area. THIS will do it…. 3 hours of use, all equipment and unlimited pictures. $595.00


We also have our optional photo booth. We supply the backdrop, all props, lighting and your guests take pictures with their phones and cameras. Then we set up a program that they can download all their pictures and all can see and upload and print at their leisure. $250.00 for the whole time of the event.

Reception Games

We can MC games such as the newlywed game, tissue game, kissing game, know your partner game and more.

No charge for this service.


We supply tables, linens, location, decorations and  complete coordinating services. Prices upon request.

Ordained Ministers

We can supply a Officiant for your wedding also. Jim is an ordained minister that has done numerous weddings and is certified in NC. and SC. We can help you pick out your vows and assist you in every aspect. We are Ordained Ministers not officiants. Ordained ministries are understood to exercise special ministry and they are conceived theologically and legally thats why many people want an ordained minister not an officiant for their service. Officiating including, vows, support, license signing and sending back to the county. We also advise you in standard procedures of a wedding. $225.00

Arbor $150.00, chairs $4.00 per chair and $100.00 setup fee, bouquets, boutonnieres, pedals, extra flowers prices and different packages depending upon your needs. Price quotes upon request.

Parties and Events

We do all kinds of parties such as anniversaries, corporate parties, birthdays, reunions, Church events, Parrothead parties, Little Princess dances, graduations and more. Music for any events.

Dance Instruction for the Reception

  • We can choreograph dances to any song you are wanting for your reception.

  • We can do online Skype dance practice or at our studio.

  • We are certified dance instructors and supply dance instruction for the 1st dance, Bride/Father, Groom/Mother and wedding party dances. We can choreograph special wedding party entries, customizing any part.

  • Wedding in dance. $75.00 per hour for actual instruction and chorography.

AV Services

Display video or pictures during the cocktail hour or the reception, we have your covered. We will take that pictures that you have on a disk or chip and show them continously over a projector on a large screen.

The price for the above is $300.00

We also have a service of taking pictures of the wedding and reception and putting them up on a big screen during the event. Real Time... People love to see themselves on a big screen and seeing that photo right after it just happened. $450.00.

We can supply wedding planning, locations, food, cakes, photograph, video and much more and prices have a wide options depending upon the amount you want, and many other variables. Call for prices.


What make us stand out from the others: we are all in-house, we do not sub-contract our jobs to someone that does not even know your name. We are certified dance instructors= WE KNOW DANCE MUSIC. Years of experience so we know what works and what doesn’t. Won the Weddingwire Couples award and the Brides#1 choice award for our professional service.


Prices vary per job and additional services available upon request. Custom packages-we give special pricing for custom packages.

We play only clean versions of all music.

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Elite Entertainment of the Carolinas

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Elite Entertainment of the Carolinas

Awards & Recognition

Brides #1st. Choice award   2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Weddingwire couples award   2014, 2015

Best of the Beach award  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Gigmaster’s Best 2013, 2014

Wedding Expert Award 2015

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We play the music that makes your event.

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